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Guarantee of security

Buying with the Mora Banc virtual gateway is 100% secure
Our secure server codes and enciphers your credit card information. In this way, when your personal data are transmitted and you make purchases through Internet it is impossible to access them. The Mora Banc Virtual TPV protects your data throughout the whole payment process.

We guarantee to you that transactions made with our E-Security ® system are 100% secure.

What is a Secure Server ?

A secure server guarantees you the privacy of the information that you transmit through Internet. This privacy is achieved through the SSL protocol, a standard currently used by the security industry. In Internet, security is the result of communication between a navigator that uses the SSL protocol and a server that also uses the same protocol. Any version of the navigators Explorer and Netscape can support this protocol.

How does the SSL protocol work ?

It works simply by codifying the details that you send by means of the RSA coding system when it is located in a secure zone of a navigator. Your Netscape or Explorer navigator, in collaboration with the secure server, codifies the data in such a way that if anyone should manage to appropriate these data in the process of transmission, they cannot read them as they do not have the necessary key.

How can you tell that a server is Secure ?

You know by the padlock that appears in the lower right-hand part of your navigator, if you use Explorer, or the key that appears in the lower left-hand part of your Netscape navigator.

You can also see that the URL varies slightly : as it does not start with http but with https.

What is the security certificate ?

The security certificate is given by a certifying entity : the Certification Authority. This entity grants the certificate after having checked the correct configuration of the codification process (SSL) and having checked the details of the applicant company. The secure server certificate is granted to an entity after checking its references to ensure that the receiver of the codified data is in fact the proper recipient.

Who certifies the security of this server ?

Our SSL server ( is certified by Thawte Certification, a company of the VeriSign, Inc. group.